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Up in Arms

Continuing with my own little private Danny Kaye film festival, I watched Up in Arms. Although Kaye is as funny and versatile as always, it immediately becomes clear that The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, which I watched yesterday, was his best film. The problem is the plot the sting together the comedic scenes is pretty weak. Kaye plays a hypochondriac who gets a job as an elevator operator in a medical building, just so he can be near all the doctors. His best friend Joe (Dana Andrews) looks after him, but there is not much he can do when they are both drafted. Danny has unrealistic dreams of marrying Nurse Lt. Virginia Merrill (Dinah Shore, who looked young and lovely at the time). But Virginia falls in love with Joe instead, while her best friend, Mary (Constance Dowling) pines after Danny.

There are often stretches of sappy dialogue between Andres and Shore, which only serve to make you want the comedy to return to the screen as soon as possible. This happens whenever Kaye is on the screen, or when Louis Calhern, as a gruff colonel, shows up near the end of the film.

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