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Walk, Don’t Run

I have been meaning to see this for a very long time. Not only am I big fan of Cary Grant, but I am a big fan of Tokyo, where I live, and Walk, Don’t Run has both, sort of. It was great to see some shots of Tokyo Station in 1964, and to see Grant walking down a street in Ginza, but I soon realized many of the remaining parts of the film were clearly filmed in Hollywood soundstages, and many of the actors playing Japanese roles were Japanese-American actors, such as George Takei of “Star Trek”  playing an exasperated police desk sergeant.

Grant plays a British industrialist who comes to Tokyo on business but arrives two days early to find every hotel room full due to the Tokyo Olympic Games. Everywhere he goes he hears “Sorry. Olympics, you know.”  He spots a notices on a bulletin board in the British embassy and finds himself sharing an Japanese apartment with a very fastidious 23-year-old British woman. An architect/Olympic athlete (Jim Hutton), also without accommodations, gets half of Grant’s half of the apartment, and comedy ensues. It is a bit overlong, and never very funny, but it is Cary Grant’s last film and that in itself was value enough for me.

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