Year in Film: 1935

A Night at the Opera

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The Marx Brothers completed Duck Soup in 1933 and either opted not to renew their contract with Paramount, or were cut off from the studio due to the poor box office performance of their latest film. They were set adrift without a home, a situation similar to the one they found themselves in around 1923, […]

Bride of Frankenstein

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When friends and I got together yesterday for a night of ‘30s films, The Bride of Frankenstein was one of those that we watched, but I fell asleep for a while in the middle. I hate missing even a second of a movie, and so watched the whole film again today. The opening scenes of […]

The Black Room

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In 1935, Universal Studios pretty much had the horror movie market cornered. The horror films made at other studios had a distinctly different flavor, more high-brow and literary than Universal’s creature features. MGM made Mad Love with Peter Lorre, a tale of madness and obsession that was strongly influenced by the Grand Guignol theater. Columbia […]

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“It's a funny thing about being in love. Sometimes it's easier to tell when you are than when you aren't.”
-Daisy Kenyon (Joan Crawford)
from Daisy Kenyon