Year in Film: 1965

Bunny Lake is Missing

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This is a film that could be described as nearly perfect. It is difficult to write much about this film without giving too much away. Director Otto Preminger transplanted the source novel from New York to London. Reportedly that was simply because he preferred working in England, but effect really elevates the film to a […]

Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines

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It seems there were several big budget spectacles made in the mid-60s depicting the early days of automobiles or aviation. There is The Big Race, Monte Carlo or Bust!, both about car races, and this film, about a London-to-Paris air race during the early days of aviation. It’s hard to say what made these films […]

Random Quote

“I've gotten so I'm afraid to turn around for fear of what will happen next.”
-Margaret DeLorca (Bette Davis)
from Dead Ringer