Year in Film: 1983

Devil Fetus

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A family in Hong Kong, rich from real estate investments, has a bit of a black sheep in their midst in the form of the younger of two sisters. She buys a mysterious (and phallic) jade vase at an auction and goes ballistic when her two young nephews play with it. Okay. Then her husband […]

Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life

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Day 8 of the Tokyo International Film Festival. Today was another busy day for me, and although I was able to attend a short Q&A with Paul Gordon, the director of The Happy Poet, my personal favorite in the festival, I didn’t have time to watch a film today. So arriving home late and tired, […]

Sleepaway Camp

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Sleepaway Camp is at least 10 times more enjoyable than Friday the 13th, which proceeded it by three years and more or less set the tone for the teen slasher genre. It is probably a hundred times more enjoyable. The film opens with a scene at a summer lake. A father and his two children […]

Strange Brew

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Feature-length films based on characters developed for sketch comedy programs are almost always a bad idea. Although a few of them become hits, such as Wayne’s World, they still seem like a case of trying to squeeze too much out of too little. Although SCTV was the best sketch comedy show ever made, in my […]

To Be or Not to Be

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I noticed that today was is Mel Brooks’ 84th birthday, actually yesterday, due to the huge time difference between Japan, where I live, and the US. So I decided to mark the occasion by watching a Mel Brooks film. To Be or Not to Be is the least typical Brooks film, in that it is […]


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After watching Cloak and Dagger yesterday, it was just a short hop, skip and a jump to watch WarGames. Both films feature Dabney Coleman, who I see as the quintessential ‘80s actor (although he is still working). And both films were among those I saw time and time again on local TV networks when I […]

Random Quote

“The last thing I want to be remembered as is an annoying blabbermouth...”
-Del (John Candy)
from Planes, Trains & Automobiles