Year in Film: 1997

Deconstructing Harry

Read Deconstructing Harry

I am continuing to go back and watch the Woody Allen films I have only seen once or twice, as opposed to the others that I have seen over and over. I sort of remembered Deconstructing Harry as an ambitious film that didn’t work all that well, but watching it again, I appreciated that it […]


Read Lolita

I’ve been continuing to indulge my obsession with Jeremy Irons’ voice by listening to his unabridged narration of Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita in 15-minute bursts during my morning commute. This of course made me want to see Adrian Lyne’s adaptation of the book staring Irons, but I waited until I was finished with the audio book […]

The House of Yes

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Continuing with my exploration of creepy twin movies… Most twin movies, be they horror or comedy, usually revolve around identical twins, played either by real-life twins or single actors doubled by trick photography. There are not many movies about fraternal twins, especially male/female sets of twins. The House of Yes is based on a stage […]


Read Titanic

I had never actually sat down to watch James Cameron’s Titanic. When it was first released, I had no interest in it whatsoever. When I was working at a TV station in Tokyo a few years ago, I was hanging out in the green room before a live broadcast, and caught bits and pieces of […]

Random Quote

“Religion is great if you can sell it, no good if you give it away.”
-Hornsby (Sam Hardy)
from The Miracle Woman