Year in Film: 2001


Read Amélie

Amélie was a huge hit in when it was released in Tokyo, where I live. It would be difficult to exaggerate how much of a hit it was—it seemed to be playing everywhere forever, and everyone was talking about it. While Casablanca and Citizen Kane are the most venerated  classic films in the US, in […]

Gosford Park

Read Gosford Park

I am not entirely sure why, but when I first watched this film four or five years ago, I did not care for it much, but watching it a second time, I loved it, although I went through the entire movie thinking Michael Gambon was Albert Finney. Maybe it is because this time around, I […]

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Read Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Living in Tokyo as I do, I occasionally find myself in one part of town after the trains have stopped running, stranded with a group of friends and people I have just met for the first time. In such times there is little you can do other than go to karaoke. The once national pastime […]

Legally Blonde

Read Legally Blonde

After watching Miss Congeniality yesterday and finding myself laughing out loud, I decided to watch a different “chick flick” every day this week. But there is a catch. I don’t want to watch Rom-Coms. Watching Drew Barrymore deliberate for 90 minutes over which guy she wants to be with is not what I am interested […]

Planet of the Apes

Read Planet of the Apes

Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes has to be one of the most maligned remakes in the history of cinema. Everyone seems to hate this film. I am against remakes in principle and am not fan of Mark Wahlberg, and so I have studiously avoided this. But since I am going through all of Tim […]

The Cat’s Meow

Read The Cat’s Meow

Most movie fans know William Randolph Hearst as the newspaper magnate who inspired the fictitious character Charles Foster Kane, and later became the real-life adversary of Citizen Kane and its creator Orson Welles, when he was understandably unhappy with the unflattering character obviously based on him, and used all of his considerable resources to try […]

Random Quote

“I'm sorry, what was the question? I was distracted by the half-masticated cow rolling around in your wide-open trap.”
-Victor Melling (Michael Caine)
from Miss Congeniality