Kansas City Princess

Joan Blondell and Glenda Farrell as American manicurist posing and French manicurists.


  • Joan Blondell – Rosie Sturges
  • Glenda Farrell – Marie Callahan
  • Robert Armstrong – Dynamite ‘Dynie’ Carson
  • Hugh Herbert – Junior Ashcraft
  • Osgood Perkins – Marcel Duryea – French Private Eye
  • T. Roy Barnes – Alderman James ‘Jim’ Cameron
  • Hobart Cavanaugh – Alderman Sam Warren
  • Gordon Westcott – Jimmy the Dude aka Frankie Smith
  • Vince Barnett – Quincy – Dynamite’s Henchman
  • Ivan Lebedeff – Dr. Sascha Pilnakoff
  • Renee Whitney – Mrs. ‘Lovums’ Ashcraft
  • Arthur Hoyt – Mr. Greenway

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